Puppy Day Training = Relief & Results

You’re juggling a lot.

Career. Family. Commute. All the obligations of adult urban life. And  now there’s this bundle of energy in your midst wreaking joy and havoc both.

Our exclusive home-based Puppy Day Training program can take the pressure off. Think of it as a puppy socialization PLUS training.

Well- trained puppy today. Well-behaved adult dog tomorrow.

We do the bulk of the training and socializing for you- consider us your puppy raising partner.

  • House and potty training
  • No jumping
  • No biting
  • Chew on your own toys
  • Sit
  • Go to your bed
  • Come
  • Loose leash walking
  • Leave it
  • Socialization and polite greetings

Peace of mind- our goal for you

  • We are 100% positive-based, so you can rest easy knowing your puppy is having a great time while learning her P’s and Q’s.
  • Your puppy will an hour a day with trainer Karin in your home, or out safely learning about the joys of our world, so training results will transfer quickly.
  • We accept only a handful of puppies at a time, for socialization, individual attention, and maximum training results.
  • Attend a free social with your puppy and, if you like, join us each week for guided fun to boost socialization for an easy-going adult dog.

How our program works


Puppies spend weekdays with our loving trainer Karin in your home for your puppy’s comfort, your peace of mind, and great results.

Your puppy gets:

  • An hour of positive training
  • Daily socialization field trips
  • Lots of love and appropriate play skills

You get:

  • An initial Jump Start session in your home.
  • We set you up to take the best advantage of the training work we do for you- and provide some immediate relief from whatever issues you may be struggling with
  • Weekly Parents/Trainer conference designed to transfer our training results to you
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Relief, peace of mind, and a happy, well-behaved puppy


  • 4 week Puppy Day School program $1,600 all inclusive
  • 6 week Puppy Day School program $1,825 all inclusive


Karin is accepting new dog training clients in Oakland, CA.