Meet Karin Linden, Professional Dog Trainer

Karin believes training should be the responsibility of the trainer, rather than a homework burden for her clients. She’s designed all Little Paws Big Adventures programs—particularly her Petagogy Academy and hiking services—with this in mind, keeping demands on clients and their families as minimal as possible.

Karin also believes in training for real-life results. That’s why Petagogy Academy takes place in your own home environment and why training games include your children to get your pup ready for family life.

Training Methods
For the well being of puppies and dogs, and clients’ peace of mind, Karin uses only positive reinforcement training methods. Real-life results are best achieved when everyone—trainer, dog, and client—are relaxed and thus able to learn freely.

Professional Qualifications
Karin is dedicated ongoing professional education in the field of applied animal behavior.

  • Graduate of prestigious Dog Training Internship Academy
  • Graduate of Trish King’s Dog Behavior Academy
  • Graduate of Karen Pryor Clicker Training Foundations program
  • dog*tec Certified Dog Walker through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy
  • Fixing the Unfixable with Malena DeMartini
  • Living and Learning with Animals with Dr. Susan Friedman
  • Regular professional seminar attendance, most recently entered an Applied Behavior Analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology